Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm probably wrong for posting this...BUT THIS IS HILARIOUS

Hilarious: this is a a video game version of the fight that happened on the bus.

Okay...ok...I'm pretty sure everyone has seen the original youtube classic of this video. If you haven''s a short story on what happened:

76 year old white dude is having a conversation about getting his shoes shined for his mother's funeral

50 year old super gangsta black dude only caught half of the conversation and thought the white guy was being racist, and asked him, "why a brother (black man) got to spit shine your shoes"

White dude said he's not prejudice he could be a china man all he cares!

Black dude starts getting on some super gangsta shit...old white dude told him you fucking with the wrong white boy cuz this one will kick you ass

Black dude proceeds to be a supa gangsta and goes to slap the white dude...only to get his ass whooped!!

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