Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Let Me Explain...American Antagon1st

"Let Me Explain...American Antagon1st" blog post by Ant Thomas
American Antagon1st Theme Music for "Let Me Explain"

Film starring comedian Kevin Hart "Let Me Explain" will be releasing today, 7.3.13!  This is great for Boston and great for American Antagon1st, because he is a Boston artist whose song was selected as the theme music for "Let Me Explain"!

"The Narcissist" song by American Antagon1st gives us a glimpse into the personalities of both American Antagon1st and Kevin Hart.  In the music video below and in lyrics you will see flashes of ego, pride, and self-admiration all characteristics of being a Narcissist.

American Antagon1st produced this entire song: lyrics, vocals, beat, recording, mixing, and mastering.

"It takes greatness to be a Narcissist!"