Saturday, February 21, 2015

NEW POEM/MUSIC: Ant Thomas "Heart Painters"

NEW POEM/MUSIC: Ant Thomas "Heart Painters"
Produced by Kwes Naeem 

Photo in Artwork by JordanaSoliel

Painting in Artwork by Tiffani Safari
SWV Sample

This Poem/Song "Heart Painters" is for promotional purposes only to promote for upcoming project "Renaissance Man 2.0" (RM2).  Ant Thomas plans to release "RM2" this year in 2015, and "RM2" has bold goals of encouraging leaders to give back to communities, and close disparities in our neighborhoods.  This particular title focuses on love and healing. "Let's Paint the World Baby!" 

The copyright in this voice recording is owned by Ant Thomas & Thomas Ent. All rights of the manufacturer and of the work prohibited. Unauthorized copying, lending, public performance and broadcasting of the recorded work prohibited. 

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