Tuesday, June 10, 2014

POEM: "Song" by Ant Thomas

Sometimes I read until my head hurts
I read until the lines blur
I read until my mind wonders

Sometimes I listen to music
I listen, until I can sing along
I listen, until I can relate

We may not be able to sing
The same tunes
But we all sing
We all read
We all reach, to understand

We listen, to understand

Will you sing and read for me

"Song" by Ant Thomas

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

POEM: "The American Wake Up Call"

America America
The land of the free
I am on your land
I feel far from free

America America
The home of the brave
Instead of educating me
I feel you are afraid

America America
I bleed like you
I feel like you
Take time to understand me too

America America
I am still poor
Locked and chained up
I still sleep outside on the floor

America America
Let’s come together
A rough healing process is better
Then pretending we have it all together.

"The American Wake Up Call"