Thursday, January 21, 2010

This beat is CRACK

The Things I Think About as Graduation Approaches

As people we reach many moments in our lives that are crucial. Errors in decision making can be devastating. Even when we are making all the right moves we are still tested. The weak cower and make excuses. It is okay to be weak, but in very small dosages because weakness is a sickness that can overcome a person. Opposed to weakness, of course we must have strength; the strength to be resilient and to always thrive at reaching our potential despite the difficulties of the course of life. And potential can never be reached; if it is we are setting the bar too low for ourselves. With the fight we must also have appreciation and satisfaction and pride. When we give something our all and we know that we did our best we have every right to look at what we have accomplished and be proud. Shit, we can even be proud of our shortcomings, unfortunate situations give us time to think and reevaluate ourselves. And let’s face it…without fucked up shit happening our lives would be pretty boring. Pain and suffering contributes to our lives just as much as success and progression; we just have to keep a healthy balance. Obviously the balance leaning a lot more towards success and progression.

I can use some of my own advice.

Ant Thomas