Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cyrus DeShield

An incredible talent from my neighborhood!! Real R&B right here!!

"Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right" -Lebron James Cartoon

You got to respect what he is doing for our world and community.

"Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right"

Monday, February 14, 2011


As greens turn to reds

And reds turn to browns

The skies fall white

And frigid air roams round

As strolls become brisk walks

As heat begins to squander

Conversations: quick hello’s

The cold won’t allow chatter

For cheer we give thanks

We hang lights; then share gifts

Fly on planes to receive warmth

From our loved ones we missed

Await the clock to strike twelve

Jeer and give cheers

What better is there to do?

Then to be with your partner in life, as the cold weather concludes.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Black History Month- Post 2 "We didn't land on Plymouth Rock"

Columbus landed in the Americas in 1492. After Europeans killed about 90% of Native Americans, through slavery and war...they traded and stole African people as goods. Africans were shipped to South America, the Carribeans and Central and North Americas roughly from 1500 to 1900. 400-500 years of stripping of our self identities. People should not wonder why many of us are lost now.

Photographs from

Black History Month- Post 1 "The Middle Passage"

Whenever I think that we came here as live corpses and/or cargo on the bottom of moves me.

This Black Skin of mines represents something special.

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Friday, January 28, 2011


Naked I stand

Stripped of pride that once filled me

Dried of my saturated ego

As I throw darts at my own chest

Clumsily building my pain threshold

Picking the self inflicted thorns

How often do we look into the pond

Where the logs set in our eyes

It is so difficult to see

The ugly habits we pick up

In this ugly world

So I rather stand with nothing

And build with rickety tools

Than stand with everything

Without a humble bone in my body

Broken Silence

Mouths ajar from the end results;

in shock of the fruition.

The nurture of a mom’s like touch.

As the perfect picture decays.

We built the great wall together:


But now it stands as a barrier between us.