Thursday, October 1, 2009

Think Before You Speak

Kanye West, Taylor Swift, VMA’s. Simply put: hilarious. I almost cried laughing at it on YouTube. Once again, Mr. West has proven that he cannot hold his childish tantrums. Do I feel sorry for the girl? Not at all; she won a MTV Video Music Award and no one can take that away from her. Furthermore, millions of people who had no clue she existed, including myself, now know who she is and she will benefit from the new publicity. Although I appreciated the laugh (I could care less about the situation), it is the reactions from people that really bother me, specifically those on the internet. Due to technological advances, people are now given the opportunity to “comment” on articles, photos, and video clips. In the “comment” boxes people over exercise their “freedom of speech” spewing out as many slurs as they please because no face or repercussion is behind what he or she is saying.

Just to have an objective view on the subject matter, I searched all types of video sites, news and information sites, and I visited various blogs. Fortunately, I found that there was a tremendous intelligence gap in favor of news and information sites opposed to bloggers. The common theme from the variety of sites I looked up is that the vast majority of comments are extremely negative. The brash comments make me wonder, is life really that bad for these people?

Being a computer thug, a computer racist, and/or a computer bigot is not cool. These people need serious help and the scary thing is that we never know if we cross paths with them in our everyday life. Someone is probably reading this article right now wishing they had a comment box so they could tear me to shreds!!

If you are that person, GROW UP!! Arguing with someone who may be in a completely different time zone than you is not cool and arguing with someone that will never have to reveal their face is not cool. When leaving a comment, do not get so upset that you just toss thoughtless lackluster insults that do not do anything but discredit your objections.

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