Monday, November 16, 2009

Money Brings Happiness!!

I need to know, who made up the lie that money does not bring happiness?? I am not the betting type, but if I was I would put all one hundred dollars I have in my bank account in favor that it was somebody with money who made up this ridiculous claim!! Okay, maybe I have a little bit more than a hundred dollars in my bank account, but I admit I am a terrible money saver. Part of the problem in America is that we hold money and wants so high on our priority lists, that we confuse our wants for needs. This is where the problem occurs.

Honestly, if money did not bring happiness why would people major in actuary mathematics? The only time math was fun was when I learned how to add and multiply, ever since division it has been downhill. Or even accounting; when was the last time someone got pumped up to do a financial audit? I do not mean to be offensive, but as people we have to make decisions on what type of quality of living we would like to have and if this includes sacrificing forty plus hours a week for it...the paycheck makes the wait worthwhile.

For my adversaries that are still saying money does not bring happiness, answer this question, what can you do without money? You can be homeless, stand in train stations and ask for change every day, and catch shut eye at local park benches. Let’s say you have a little bit more money than that and you have enough to afford for an apartment, but not enough to afford basic necessities. You can pay bills late, take the best walks in the park, and make critical decisions like do you want your heat or electricity this month. These situations may appear amusing, but they are some people’s realities.

I really just want to write for the rest of my life, but I like to party and take hot showers with all my lights on. I like going to the bar, getting wasted, yelling at the top of my lungs and dancing like a fool. I enjoy traveling, going to restaurants, and dressing nice. Unfortunately, I could not do any of these things if I do not make enough money to do them. I spend money like it’s going to run away from me and this is probably due to me knowing what it feels like to be without. I do not praise it, but I sure do have a good time spending it!!

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  1. Whoever said that probaly did have a lot of money, but was apparently empty. 40 hour week sucks, but at some point you realize that you are pretty much a corporate drone making the white man richer. You should do what you're passionate about, though it may not bring you as much wealth, at least you have self worth.

    Im not gonna lie though, I highly enjoy getting that check every week :)